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Cheema Tool and Manufacturing is committed to delivering innovative designs, quick turnaround, and extraordinary quality in every project we complete. At our Calgary CNC Machine Shop, our knowledgeable and creative team ensures that only the best service and products are offered to you. Whatever your machining or manufacturing needs are, we offer consistent and quality work for businesses of all industries.

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Whatever our client needs are, we offer consistent and quality work.
Tool and die work
Tool and Die Work

We specialize in constructing extremely customized tools or metal forms, called dies, that are used to cut, shape, and form raw materials.

Custom tool design
Custom Tools

We use computer numerical control (CNC) machines for high-precision work. The CNC motors use computer-generated code to move in highly precise and repetitive increments.


We have a large selection of manufacturing machines that are capable of custom one-offs or high-volume production.

Custom tool manufacturing
Milling machine

We house the most technologically advanced CNC milling machines in our workshop to fulfill highly customized projects

Design Services

Our team of experienced technologists provide in-house design services. We use CAD technology to design highly technical drawings for the production of your custom tool.

CAD design services
Cheema Tool certified engineer
Certified Engineer Available

Cheema employs a contracted engineer who is dedicated to our high standard of customer satisfaction.

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