Cheema Tool and Manufacturing's CNC machining and tool and die capabilties


Cheema Tool and Manufacturing provides high-quality machining, custom design and drafting, as well as tool and die work.

We use only the best machinery on the market. Our equipment and technology are progressively updated. We only trade-in for brand new equipment so that we can ensure the quality of it. Our on-site maintenance manager performs monthly maintenance checks and regular repairs as needed so that our equipment is always in top shape.

Our in-house machines include:
CNC lathe

10 + CNC Lathes

CNC milling center

4 CNC Milling Centre 5-Axis

Vertical milling machine

10 Vertical Mills 4-Axis

Water Jet Machines

2 Water Jet Machines

Pneumatic Tapping Machine

4 Pneumatic Tapping Stations

Swiss Style Screw Machines

1 Swiss Style Screw Machines

Wire EDM 5-Axis machine

1 Wire EDM 5-Axis

All machines and tools are maintained and calibrated to ensure the highest quality and workmanship

Design & Drafting Services

Our team of experienced and specialized technologists provide in-house design services. We use CAD technology to design highly technical drawings for the production of your custom tool.

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pipeline industry
  • Prototyping for new design and technology
  • Commercial and residential custom metalwork
  • Tool and die work for punching, stamping and manufacturing of other product